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Telephone Solutions
Built for Non-Profits

...and business too!



SpeakEZ has allowed us to work remotely and conduct virtual lessons with minimal cost.  We can also route calls between our two locations with little effort.  Things run much smoother than before.

Mark (Owner)


SpeakEZ reduced our phone phone bill by over 60%, allowing us to put more resources toward our core mission. 

David (Technology Director)


Your solutions and service are AMAZING!   You have allowed us to do so much more than we  ever could with our old phone system.  Thanks You!

Cpt Cassy (Officer)

  • Can I keep my phone number?
    Most of the time yes! We will "port" your existing phone number from your current provider to us. The process usually takes 7-10 days and is highly dependent on the responsiveness of your current provider. However you can go ahead and use your new SpeakEZ services before the port order is completed.
  • My old phone system failed, how quickly can you get me going?"
    We have a very well defined process to ensure a successful deployment and make certain our solution properly meets your needs. This process may be expedited, allowing us to deploy a new phone systm in as little as 24 hours. We keep a healthy inventory of hardware at all times for such events.
  • Must I have a desk phone or can I just use my mobile?
    A desk phone is not required to use our services, an IOS or Android device will work just fine. Our solution allows you to communicate how and when it is most convenient for you.
  • Do I have to call you for EVERYTHING or can I manage my system myself?
    We are here to serve you whether a simple schedule change, provisioning a new extension or troubleshooting an issue. However we do have clients that prefer to manage their systems on their own. We have complete documentation on how to accomplish most task via our portal. If you would like dedicated 1:1 training, we do that as well.
  • Do you only serve Non-Profit organizations?
    Although serving non-profit organizations is a passion of ours, and they make up the majority of our client base, they are by no means the only industry we serve. Our for profit partners range from small to large organizations with over 500 extensions. Rest assured we can serve your commercial interests as well.
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